Freelance Web Design Projects

Designing for small businesses & organizations

Project Summary

I picked up web development over the summer of 2015 and took on projects to help boost marketing outreach for small businesses and organizations. I also picked up marketing tools such as SEO and Analytics to further boost traffic to their websites and track performance of their sites.

Note: Some websites are no longer active. Please contact me if you would like to see these works.

Sunflower Piano School (2018)

Helped a local piano school develop and design their website to match their theme of elegant, timeless, and authentic. Additionally, enhanced marketing reach of their school through SEO, improving social media pages, adding analytic plugins, and implementing Google My Business.

Sunflower Piano School Website by Darren Lee

Visit their site here.

Infiniti Sports (2017)

Infiniti Sports is a softball coaching business run by passionate coaches.

infiniti sports website done by Darren Lee

Visit their site here.

Red Cross Youth (NUS) 2016

This is my first web design project after picking up basic frontend knowledge (HTML and CSS) over the summer of 2015. I took on this project with the limited knowledge that I had and experimented with design aspects but along the requirements of the client and managed to craft a website based on what I learned over summer.

Red Cross NUS Youth Chapter Website by Darren Lee

Visit their site here.

Interactive Global (2016)

Interactive Global is a supplier of large multi-touch screens for all applications such as education and exhibits.

Interactive Global website by Darren Lee

Visit their site here.

Koolzlink Engineering (2003), provide maintenance and installation services to clean and service air-conditioning systems. The client requested for a website to build an online presence and advertise their services.

koolzlink engineering website done by Darren Lee

Visit their site here.